New charges for dumping and recycling at Hempton Centre

DIY waste

Charges were introduced at Hempton Recycling Centre on 1 April 2018  for all DIY type construction and demolition waste.

You can still dispose of all household waste free of charge at any of the 20 recycling centres in North Norfolk.  This includes freestanding furniture, electricals and white goods. It’s DIY type construction and demolition waste that is charged.

You can read about this change in policy in full on the NNDC website:

DIY waste guide prices Hempton

The following DIY waste can be disposed of at all of our 20 recycling centres.  This is not a complete list.

Plasterboard – £9 

• Plasterboard and plaster

Cost is per item or per 80 litre bag or equivalent.

Rubble – £3 – including:

  • Floor and wall tiles
  • Sinks, toilets and shower trays (ceramic)
  • Bricks, concrete and concrete posts
  • Paving slabs and stones

Cost is per item or per 80 litre bag or equivalent.

Timber – £3 – including:

  • Fitted kitchen units
  • Fitted and built in furniture
  • Doors, door frames and skirting
  • Laminate flooring and floorboards
  • Fence panels
  • Wooden garden structures (sheds and garden structures including walk-in pet runs and play houses)
  • Decking, fencing, trellises, pergolas and arches
  • Chipboard
  • Wood chipping
  • Pallets

Cost is per item or per 80 litre bag or equivalent.

Non-recyclable – £5 – including:

  • Insulation and roof felt
  • Plastic guttering, drains and facia
  • Baths and shower trays (plastic/acrylic)
  • Soil and turf
  • Pond liners and garden membranes
  • Doors, window and frames (UVPC)
  • Walk in structures (not wood or metal)
  • Oil tanks (plastic)

Cost is per item or per 80 litre bag or equivalent.

Flat glass* – £5 – including:

  • Windows and glass doors
  • Greenhouse and conservatory glass
  • Shower screens

Cost is per item or per 80 litre bag or equivalent.

Metals – no restrictions or charges

Unsorted or mixed materials will also incur the £5 charge, so keep your recyclable DIY items separate.  Single items charges only apply to recognisable smaller items, such as a sink or fence panel. Larger, dismantled or chopped up items are charged by multiples of 80 litres.

Decisions made by our advisors about DIY waste are final.

NB: You can only dispose of flat glass, plasterboard and tyres at Caister, Dereham, Hempton, Ketteringham, King’s Lynn, Mayton Wood, Mile Cross and Thetford.

At the recycling centre

When you arrive speak to one of the advisors who’ll assess your load and give you a price.  They’ll take your payment before you unload your waste.

For all NNDC recycling centres if the amount is under £10, you may pay by cash or card.  For amounts over £10, payment is by card only – no cash is accepted.

You’ll pay less if you separate your waste – the charge for separated materials is lower than mixed loads which are classed as non-recyclable.

The advisors may ask to inspect any materials you want to dispose of in the non-recyclable bins.  This helps us maintain our high levels of recycling and so we can refuse any hazardous waste

Additional information

This site has a Reuse Shop where you can buy or donate unwanted items, including things like crockery, records, books, bikes and furniture. We welcome any household items that can be resold. Speak to an on-site recycling advisor for more information.

Compost is on sale at all NNDC recycling centres, for £3.50 a bag. The bags are hand-filled to approximately 40 litres.

You can pay with cash (up to £10), credit and debit card (chip and pin and contactless).

Assistance dogs are permitted at all sites.

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