Norwich Street, Fakenham reopens to traffic

At a full meeting of Fakenham Town Council on Tuesday 21 July the Councillors – meeting by Zoom – decided that Norwich Street should reopen to vehicular traffic tomorrow, Friday 23 July. The road closure order was made by Norfolk County Council when the Covid outbreak was at its height. However, with residents and visitors well practiced in the art of social distancing, the Council felt that this important route into the town should be open to traffic. Businesses, struggling following lockdown, welcomed the move as they begin trading in Covid secure conditions.

Gilly Foortse, Mayor of Fakenham said, “The Town Council agreed at Tuesday’s Zoom meeting to do everything in its power to bring more people, visitors and residents alike, into the town in a safe way. Norwich Street is one of only three routes into the town centre, so giving as full access as possible will hopefully bring more business to our town centre shops”. She added, “Although we are all getting familiar with Zoom, we hope that drivers don’t zoom down Norwich Street!”

Fakenham Market is back in operation each Thursday, with social distancing procedures in place.  The normal Thursday road closure will continue.

The Farmers Market will take place on the 4th Saturday of each month on the Charter Market site in the town centre.

The first phase of social distancing measures began in Fakenham as part of North Norfolk District Council’s (NNDC) ‘You Are Welcome’ campaign to support the return of shoppers and visitors to North Norfolk high streets.

Among some of the measures introduced were pavement decals, designed to help shoppers, pedestrians and businesses with queuing so social distancing can be maintained around the storefronts and streets.

With many businesses due to re-open from July 4th, many towns will see a high volume of visitors. NNDC has previously introduced a Social Distancing Co-ordinator for each of the towns in the district, who is tasked with providing support for the high streets to ensure they re-open as cohesively and safely as possible.

The Co-ordinators have also been mapping out areas for the implementation of hand sanitising stations and making themselves available to the public to hear their concerns or worries around town centres.

As part of the ‘You Are Welcome’ campaign NNDC will work with the local tourism organisations to promote the safe and measured return of affected industries to support businesses, residents and visitors. 

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