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[ A ]
Adult Education
Norfolk County Council offers a wide range of courses for adults. Please visit their website for more information.

Allotments in Fakenham are located over three sites. For more information, click here.

Alcohol Control Zone / Designated Public Places Order

In this area, it is against the law to continue to drink alcohol after being told not to by a Police Officer or Community Support Officer and gives them powers of confiscation. This was introduced to increase the powers of the Police to control those whose consumption of alcohol is causing a nuisance.

Anti-Social Behaviour
Please report all incidents of anti-social behaviour to the Police via 101 (non-emergency) or 999 (emergency) as soon as you witness it. If you witness anti-social behaviour on Town Council property/land, please also report it to us.


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[ B ]

For more information on Council tax and benefits, contact North Norfolk Council, or your local Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB).

Blue Badges
Blue Badges are provided by Norfolk County Council. Click here to find out more.

Broken Glass
If you find broken glass around the town, please report it to us.

Brown Bin
Brown garden waste bins are supplied by North Norfolk Council. Click here to apply for a brown garden bin. You can also check your collection day, find local recycling centres or report a missed bin collection by clicking here.

Bus Passes
Norfolk County Council provides both an Age-Related Travel Pass, and a Disabled Travel Pass. Click here to find out more, and apply for yours.
Age-related concessionary bus passes should renew automatically and be sent to you in the post. Remember to update Norfolk County Council with any address changes.

Bus Timetable
There are two main operators for the bus services in Fakenham: Norfolk Green and Sanders Coaches. You can also view less frequent bus services here.
You can also view bus routes online at Travel Line.

Business Rates
Business rates are managed by North Norfolk District Council. Click here to find out more.

Buskers are welcome to play and sing in the Market Place. Please make sure to read the following information on busking in the town centre prior to starting. Click here to download the guide.

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[ C ]
The Citizens Advice Bureau offer an outreach service in Fakenham, base din the Library. Click here to find out more.

Car Parking
There are many Car Parks in Fakenham. You can find a list of these and a map to help you find them by clicking here.

Fakenham Town Council manages and maintains the cemeteries. If you would like to purchase exclusive rights or install a monument, please contact us. If you have a query regarding death certificates, please contact the Norfolk Registry Office.

St Peter and St Paul Churchyard in Fakenham is a Churchyard closed to burials however the Town Council is responsible for maintaining everything that is within its curtilage except for the Church itself! If you need to report a problem, such as damage or littering please contact us. For matters relating to St Peter and St Paul Church, please contact the Parish Office.

There are many options for childcare in and around Fakenham including pre-school groups, nurseries and children’s centres. Search the Norfolk Directory for details.

Cold Calling
If you are being bothered by cold calling at your home, contact your Safer Neighbourhood Team on 111. When answering your phone you should ask who is calling, from which firm and ask for a telephone number and contact person if you want to take it further in a complaint.

Community Funding
The Town Council offers support to local community groups through the Market Tolls Grant. Click here to find out more.

Community Transport
Fakenham Community Car Scheme is a volunteer run service for those in need of transport support for medical appointments. Click here to find out more.

Council Tax
Council Tax is collected by North Norfolk Council, visit their website for details.

County Councillors
Our County Councillor (Fakenham) is currently Cllr Tom FitzPatrick. Find out more, or contact him here.

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[ D ]
District Councillors
District Councillors are elected to represent the residents of their ward. The District Councillors for Fakenham (North) are Cllr Annie Claussen-Reynolds and Cllr Roy Reynolds. You can find their information here. The District Councillors for Fakenham (South) are Cllr Jeremy Punchard and Cllr John Rest. You can find their details here.

Dog Bins
The Town Council has provided approximately 12 dog bins around Fakenham and determines requests for additional bins based on proximity to others and available budget. As the bins are emptied by North Norfolk Council, please report any bin problems here. You can report Dog Fouling here.

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[ E ]
You can view upcoming North Norfolk elections by clicking here.
To register to vote, please click here.
Town Councillors are elected every four years and the next election in May 2019. The Town Council is non-political and decisions are taken in the best interests of the town with no political influence. You can find out more about what our Councillors do here.

Electoral Register
To register to vote, or update your details visit the GOV.UK website please here.

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[ F ]
Farmer’s Market
A Farmer’s Market is held on the fourth Saturday of each month from 8.30am to 12noon in the Market Place.

Fly Tipping
If you see someone fly-tipping, try and get as much information as possible, such as the location and vehicle registration. To report fly tipping, or find out more, click here.

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[ G ]
Grass Cutting
Highway verges are cut for road safety purposes to maintain visibility at junctions and to provide room for people to walk on the pavement. Norfolk County Council have two grass cutting schedules – one for roads in urban areas and another for rural roads.
Grass verges in urban areas are cut five times between May and September. Some boroughs and districts may cut more frequently. Verges in rural areas countywide are cut twice a year.
For more information, visit Norfolk County Council’s website.

Grit Bins & Gritting
There are grit bins in Fakenham, which are for use on the public highway and footways only. Norfolk County Council will fill bins by early December and, if necessary, again by early February. For information on grit bins and gritting routes, click here.
Please contact us if you feel you have an exceptional case for amending gritting routes.
If your location would benefit from a grit bin, raise the funds and then get in touch with us. We will purchase one on your behalf and liaise with Norfolk County Council to get it installed and filled.

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[ H ]
Hedges and Verges
In most cases the boundary hedges and trees that are next to roads are the responsibility of the adjacent landowner. Norfolk County Council is responsible for trees growing on adopted highway verges only. Find out more here.

To report highways issues such as pot holes or raised manhole covers, contact Norfolk County Council on 0344 800 8020 or use their online form.

Click here for North Norfolk Council’s guidance for those who are homeless or at risk of losing their home.

Click here for Housing Advice and options from North Norfolk Council.

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[ I ]
Illegal Parking
Footpaths are not intended for stationary vehicles and parking near junctions hinders visibility, causing a danger to users of both the highway and pavement. North Norfolk Council has responsibility for parking enforcement. If a vehicle is clearly abandoned, you can report it here.
Norfolk Constabulary also has powers to respond to parking obstructions and the police will respond to complaints from individuals obstructed from passing a parked vehicle (i.e. a wheelchair user).

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[ J ]
Job Vacancies
Job vacancies will be advertised on our website or Facebook page as they arise.

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[ K ]
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[ L ]
Leisure Centre
Fakenham has its own leisure centre on Trap Lane (NR21 9HL). For further information, prices and classes, visit their website.

Fakenham Library is located on Oak Street (NR21 9DY). Click here for more information. To search the Norfolk County Council Libraries catalogue or renew items, click here.

Hirers of the Town Council owned sites (Market Place, Diss Park etc.) wishing to sell/supply alcohol or provide entertainment must sign a license with the Designated Premises Supervisor. You can find our more about licensing on our Event Planning Page.
North Norfolk Council look after the licensing of all taxis, animal premises, food premises & the licensing of premises that sell or supply alcohol, or provide entertainment. Visit their site for more information.

Litter Bins
The litter bins in Fakenham are owned by the Town Council(?). Please contact us to report any damage to the bins.

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[ M ]
The local MP for Broadland is Keith Simpson. You can contact him here.

Fakenham’s museum of Gas & Local History is located on Hempton Road, and admission is free. Find out more here.

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[ N ]
Noise Pollution
North Norfolk Council offers advice on noise pollution and regulations. Read more here.

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[ O ]
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[ P ]
Pay an Invoice
Invoices can be paid via cash, cheque or BACS payment to Fakenham Town Council. Contact us with any payment queries or pop into the office.

Pension Verification
The Town Council offers pension verification for those receiving pensions from other countries. Simply bring in your completed forms and a photo ID document (such as a passport or driving license) and we can validate the forms for you.

Search for planning applications on North Norfolk Council’s planning portal here.

In an emergency, please dial 999. For non-emergencies, dial 101. The Police’s Public Enquiry Office can be found on Norwich Road (NR21 8BB).

Postal Vote
To find out how to register for a postal vote, click here.

The Council sets its annual budget by determining how much it needs to spend and how much it anticipates it will receive in income. The difference is the amount that the Council asks North Norfolk Council to raise from council tax payers and is known as the precept. To find out more about the Town Council’s finances, please click here.

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[ Q ]
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[ R ]
Rail Cards
National Rail offers advice on how to save on fares and how to calculate season ticket costs here.
Details of annual rail cards offering a 30% discount on fares for those who meet certain criteria can be found here.
Age-related concessionary rail cards are not available.

Records Office
The Norfolk Records Office holds birth, death and marriage records dating back to 1837. Contact them here.
For records within the last five years, please contact Norfolk Registration Services.

Recycling & Refuse
For issues regarding Waste and Recycling, including missed collections, contact North Norfolk Council on 01263 513811or click here.

The Registrar administers births, deaths and marriages and works to appointment 9.30am – 4pm, Thursdays Only) from Fakenham Connect, Oak Street. To book an appointment, contact Norfolk Registration Services on 0344 800 8020 or book an appointment online.

Road Closures
You can view a map of road works and temporary road closures in Norfolk here.

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[ S ]
If you need to install scaffolding in Fakenham, you require a permit from either Norfolk County Council or the Town Council if it is being installed on our land. If scaffolding is causing an obstruction, please contact Norfolk County Council Highways.

School Transport
Click here to find out about School Transport services available in your area.

For information and advice regarding education and learning visit Norfolk County Council.

Small Grants
For information on our Community Funding Schemes, click here.

Social Services
Social Services are provided by Norfolk County Council, visit their website for details.

Street Cleaning
Street cleaning in Fakenham is primarily undertaken by North Norfolk Council.
The Town Council also works hard to keep the town centre well maintained. Please report any broken glass, graffiti or litter here.

Street Signs
To report damage to a road sign, contact Norfolk County Council Highways team.

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[ T ]
There are currently three sets of public toilets in Fakenham: Bridge Street, Highfields and Queens Road. The toilets are managed and maintained by North Norfolk District Council. Click here to report any issues to Property Services, or request a radar key for the accessible toilet.

Tourist Information Centre
Fakenham Info Hub is our all-year-round Tourist Information Centre, found in Sweets n things, Market Place. Visit the website for more.

Town Mayor
The Town Mayor (Council Chairman) is elected annually at the Annual Meeting of the Town Council in May. If you would like the Mayor to attend an event, contact us.

Town Clerk
The Town Clerk is effectively the chief executive of the Council and is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the Council, supporting Councillors in all aspects of their work, including making informed decisions. As the head of paid staff, the Town Clerk is also responsible for the other Staff employed by the Council, along with the various sites, services and responsibilities.
Fakenham’s Town Clerk is Linda Jennings. If you wish to get in touch with Linda, please contact us via email at or call 01328 853653.

Trading Standards
Norfolk County Council provides advice on Trading Standards, which includes food standards, animal welfare, rogue traders, loan sharks and scams. Find out more, or report something to Trading Standards here.

Norfolk County Council offers guidance on finding authorised encampments, reporting unauthorised encampments and support for members of the traveling community.

Many trees are protected and permission is required to undertake any works on them. You can find out if a tree is protected by contacting North Norfolk Council.
Please contact us to report low hanging trees and broken branches on Town Council owned sites. If there is a problem with a tree on the highway verge, or affecting users of a footpath or road, you will need to report this to Norfolk County Council.

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[ U ]
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[ V ]
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[ W ]
Waste Recycling
The nearest waste recycling site to Fakenham is located on Helhoughton Road (NR21 7DY). For details, click here.
North Norfolk Council also offer advice on disposing of hazardous household waste, here.

Weed Control
Norfolk County Council sprays weeds on adopted roads and pavements, and also deals with ragwort, thistles, nettles, brambles and giant hogweed on roads. Weed killing normally starts in May with a second treatment in July or August.

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