Events Planning in Fakenham

With all the cold weather and rain, we’re left dreaming of the warm summer weather and planning the year ahead.

Do you have great ideas for events in Fakenham? Planning something for the community?

If you’ve got big plans for a public event, make sure that you have read through the guidance provided by North Norfolk District Council’s Safety Advisory Group. There’s a handy leaflet to get you started, which you can download here.

Don’t forget, you will always need the landowners permission to hold an event. Make sure to consider things like road closures, parking, and health and safety to ensure that your event runs smoothly. Some of these things have to be applied for long in advance, so it’s always worth considering them, even in the early planning stages. The Guardian have a useful article on getting your community event off the ground, which can be found here.

Click here for the full information page from North Norfolk County Council.

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