Fakenham Town Council meets on the second Tuesday of every month (except August). The Council also meets in four sub-committees: Development & Market, Leisure & Environment, Policy & Resources and Allotments. Click the tabs below to find out more.

This committee meets every two weeks. The chair is Cllr Tim Duffy, Vice-Chair is Cllr George Acheson.

This Committee comments on all planning applications received from North Norfolk District Council. It has executive powers when considering planning applications, licenses and charitable collections. It is also responsible for regulating the Thursday Market and allocates grants from Fakenham’s Market tolls fund. To find out more about the Market Toll Fund, click here.

This committee meets monthly. The Chair is Cllr Mike Coates, and the Vice-Chair is Cllr Martin Dutton.

This committee is responsible for all cemeteries, parks, gardens, play and amenity areas, and the hiring of the Trap Lane playing fields and pavilion.

This committee meets when required – dates of meetings will be featured in our Calendar. The Chair is Cllr Gilly Foortse. This committee is concerned with personnel, policy and staff training.

This committee meets quarterly. The Chair is Cllr Mike Coates.

The committee is made up of three Allotment Representatives, three Councillors and the Clerk.

This committee is responsible for the allotment sites at Greenway Lane, Rudham Stile Lane and Grove Lane.

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