Town Lamp2017 – 2018 TOWN COUNCILLORS
Committees on which they serve
D = Development & Market; L = Leisure & Environment; P = Policy & Resources

Town Mayor
Cllr George Acheson (DLP)
Cllr Sean Mears (D)
Cllr Michael Coates (LP)
Cllr Richard Crook (L)
Cllr Chris Rockett(D)Cllr Tony Edwards (D)Cllr Claire Brown (L)
Deputy Town Mayor
Cllr Gilly Foortse (DLP)
Cllr Tim Duffy (DP)
Cllr Janet Holdom (LP)

Cllr Julia Sandford-Cooke (D)

Cllr Adrian Vertigan (LP)
Cllr Richard Smith (D)
Cllr Nigel Westmancott (LP)           

 Cllr Gary Thorpe (L)



Chairman of Development & Market Committee: Cllr Tim Duffy

Chairman of Leisure & Environment Committee: Cllr Gilly Foortse

Chairman of Policy & Resources Committee: Cllr George Acheson

If you have a query and would like to contact one of our Councillors, please ring the office on 01328 853653