Adrian Vertigan

Leisure & Environment, Policy & Resources

I’m a local boy, well almost; I was born in East Barsham in the late 1960s. My family were one of the first families to move into St Peter’s Rd way back in 1971. I went to school in the town but like many of my generation I had to leave to find work after school. I joined the Royal Navy in 1986 and served for 12 years mostly in the Submarine Service.  I return to Norfolk 2001 with my wife and 3 boys.  Since then we have been joined by our 2 girls that we adopted in July 2017.I joined Fakenham Town Council in 2011 hoping to help make the voice of Fakenham people heard. As I manage The Salvation Army Charity Shop in town I am available most days for people to speak to.  In my time on Fakenham Town Council I have had the honour to serve two terms as Mayor.  I hope to continue working for the people of Fakenham.

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