Hare we go

On June 24th Fakenham’s own GoGo Hare, named Lancaster, was revealed amidst a cloud of (biodegradable) confetti fired from a cannon as local youngsters formally unveiled the decorated hare in Fakenham’s old Market Square. Organised by the Break Charity and the Town Council and sponsored by Kinnerton, the local chocolate maker, this is the town’s first involvement with the GoGo Hare project. Why not buy a GoGoHares Sticker Book and see how many different hares you can collect? The books cost £5 and a significant proportion of each album’s cost goes to support BREAK, a charity helping to transform young and under-privileged lives.

Following the launch, there are more hare raising events to come. For instance local shops have putting hares for you to spot in their windows and then between July 2nd and September 2nd watch out for the arrival in Norwich of the leaping leverets. These have been created by schools, sports clubs and community groups across the county including Fakenham Junior School. GoGoHares is on the Norfolk streets from 24th June until 8th September, with the GoGoCreate trail in Norwich from 2nd July to 2nd September. After the trail is over, there will be one last chance to view all the hares together at ‘Hare Today Gone Tomorrow’ at the Forum in Norwich from 7th to 10th October. And finally, at a special auction on Thursday 11th October 50 hares will be sold off to raise valuable funds for BREAK.

Fakenham Town Council is jumping for joy after local firm Kinnerton agreed to sponsor a GoGoHare for Fakenham town centre this summer.

The fibreglass sculpture will be part of a trail of 68 hares planned by Norfolk children’s charity Break and Wild in Art. Following the success of GoGoGorillas and GoGoDragons, this year there will not only be 50 decorated hares on the Norwich streets, but also 18 more moongazing hares across the county and these include Fakenham’s hare.

Following discussions with Councillor Gilly Foortse and former Councillor Claire Brown, Fakenham-based confectionary manufacturer Kinnerton leapt at the chance to celebrate 40 years in the town by sponsoring the fibreglass hare.

Julie Ely from Kinnerton, said: “2018 will be our 40th year of having a manufacturing site in Fakenham and we can’t think of a better way to mark our anniversary and thank the local community for their support. It really is a fantastic town with a strong community spirit and deserves to be represented at this county-wide event. We would like all the other businesses in Fakenham to ‘hop’ on board to really put Fakenham on the map this summer.”

The hare’s name and design were unveiled in June, and the hare is already drawing visitors to Fakenham.  Claire Brown said, “We are very fortunate to have this opportunity to promote our town and make the town centre and businesses look as good as possible. It also ties in really well with the redevelopment of the Aldiss building, which is due to be finished in the summer.”

The Kinnerton hare isn’t the only local connection to the trail. As mentioned, a class at Fakenham Junior School will be decorating a GoGoCreate leveret for a mini-trail around Norwich. And what’s more, the GoGoCreate programme is sponsored by Pensthorpe Natural Park, on the outskirts of our town. It really is a local as well as a County event!




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