GoGo Hare Window Competition

Some of the businesses in the town are taking part in a GoGo Hare window competition. They have varying displays of hares, and these will be judged on Wednesday 8th August 2018. The winner will be announced on the 18th August 2018.

The companies taking part are:

Norwich Street: Fakenham Eyewear; Tudor Tearoom; Ruby in the Desert; Martha and Me; Splitz and No. 8

Bridge Street: Get Smart; Costa; Flix; Nottingham Building Society; Gatsby’s; Kinnerton (although just for show); Fine and Country; Flour and Bean and Benbows.

Town Centre: The Hospice shop; Q’s; Boots; Butcher Andrews; Enlighten; Hayes and Storr

Oak Street: Through the Looking Glass; Little Smiths; Salvation Army.

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